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Cubase SX MIDI Device Files

I use Cubase SX 3 in my studio, and it took me quite a long time to collect (or in some cases create) Cubase MIDI device files for all the gear in my studio. So I've decided to share them all, so hopefully someone will have less pain than I did.

I only created a few of these files...the rest were collected from various places on the Internet, and the only way I know who the authors are is from the author tags in the files. So let me send out a generic thanks to the various authors.

How to Use These Files

  1. Go to Cubase SX 3's application data folder (usually "C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application Data\Steinberg\Cubase SX 3")
  2. Now within that folder, navigate to Scripts\Patchnames\inactive
  3. You'll see various manufacturer-named folders there. Drop these files into whatever folder seems approrpriate (it doesn't really matter if the manufacturer matches the device file)
  4. Now run Cubase SX 3
  5. Choose Devices > MIDI Device Manager
  6. Click the Install Device button
  7. In the list, you'll see the device files you installed above.
  8. Pick a device from the list.
  9. Now select the new device at the end of the Installed Devices list.
  10. Select the MIDI output from the Output combo box.
  11. Close the MIDI Device Manager by clicking the close box.

Now when you create a MIDI track in Cubase SX 3, you'll be able to set the "out" to your new named device, and all patch names will be available in the Track Inspector.

Device File Author
Alesis NanoBass Download (.txt, 8KB) k-nzk
Alesis NanoPiano Download (.txt, 7KB) James Hegarty
Alesis NanoSynth Download (.txt, 17KB) Steinberg Soft- und Hard GmbH
Alesis SR-16 Download (.txt, 7KB) Steinberg Soft- und Hard GmbH
Digitech Studio Quad V2 Download (.txt, 5KB) Bryan Ressler
Emu Orbit V2 Download (.txt, 19KB) Steinberg Soft- und Hard GmbH
Emu Planet Phatt Download (.txt, 19KB) Steinberg Soft- und Hard GmbH
Korg DW-8000 (see this page) Bryan Ressler
Korg NS5R Download (.txt, 48KB) Claude Paoli
Korg Poly-800II (see this page) Bryan Ressler
Korg T3 Download (.txt, 8KB) Steinberg Soft- und Hard GmbH
Roland MC-303 Download (.txt, 14KB) Bastiaan van de Werk
Roland JV-2080 (including Dance, Techno, and House cards) Download (.txt, 46KB), with additions by Bryan Ressler
Yamaha MU90R Download (.txt, 28KB) Steinberg Soft- und Hard GmbH
Yamaha REV500 Download (.txt, 4KB) Bryan Ressler