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Korg Poly-800II Patches

Here are a whole bunch of patches for the Korg Poly-800II. They came from a bunch of old patchblock files I had sitting around from the unreleased Korg ProEdit for Poly-800II Patch Editor (Macintosh, circa 1986), which I wrote a long time ago, and lead to the DW-8000 version which Korg sold. I found the source code to ProEdit and these patchblock files, and wrote a new program in C#/.NET to convert them to the SysEx files (along with the HTML and Cubase Device files) given here.


  • There is a lot of duplication between these patchblocks, and that some of them are very sparse (not all 64 patches are filled in).
  • These patches are for the Korg Poly-800II, and will not work on the original Poly-800.

Here's some tips for getting these patches into your Poly-800II:

  • Back up your Poly-800II to tape, UniSyn, Cubase, or whatever before sending any of these SysEx files to your synth. These .syx files will replace all 64 patches in your Poly-800II, and slam it back to MIDI channel 1.
  • Make sure the write-enable switch on the back of the synth is set to allow writing to memory.
  • Use a SysEx utility to transfer the .syx files to your Poly-800II. I use MIDI-OX for Windows.
  • The Poly-800II really likes all its SysEx data at once. If you send it in little chuncks with delays in between (which some SysEx utilities do), the Poly will not receive consistently. (If you're using MIDI-OX, in the SysEx window choose SysEx > Configure and set the Low Level Output Buffers to size 6144.)
  • After the transfer, your Poly-800II will be reset to receiving MIDI on channel 1. So if you use a different channel, dial up parameter 87 (MIDI channel) and set it appropriately.

Patchblock Preload
SysEx File Preload (.syx, 5KB)
Patch Names Preload (.html, 3KB)
Cubase Device Poly-800II - Preload (.txt, 2KB)
Description This is the set of preload patches that shipped on the Poly-800II out of the box.

Patchblock Standard
SysEx File Standard (.syx, 5KB)
Patch Names Standard (.html, 3KB)
Cubase Device Poly-800II - Standard (.txt, 2KB)
Description This is the "standard set" of patches I keep in my Poly-800II.

Patchblock Oldstandard
SysEx File Oldstandard (.syx, 5KB)
Patch Names Oldstandard (.html, 3KB)
Cubase Device Poly-800II - Oldstandard (.txt, 2KB)
Description This is an older version of Standard above with a few patches that are different. It is mostly the same as Standard.

Patchblock Originals 1
SysEx File Originals1 (.syx, 5KB)
Patch Names Originals1 (.html, 3KB)
Cubase Device Poly-800II - Originals1 (.txt, 2KB)
Description These are some original patches I created myself.

Patchblock Originals 2
SysEx File Originals2 (.syx, 5KB)
Patch Names Originals2 (.html, 3KB)
Cubase Device Poly-800II - Originals2 (.txt, 2KB)
Description These are some original patches I created myself.

Patchblock Originals 3
SysEx File Originals3 (.syx, 5KB)
Patch Names Originals3 (.html, 3KB)
Cubase Device Poly-800II - Originals3 (.txt, 2KB)
Description These are some original patches I created myself.