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LiveLife version, 4/18/2009
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Written by Bryan K. Ressler, Pallium Consulting Services

What Is LiveLife?

LiveLife is a simple application that adds one important missing piece of functionality to Ableton Live 8 and later: the ability to use the keyboard to initiate editing the numeric Arrangement Position. Additionally, it makes the fields of the Arrangement Position loop through the subfields of the position each time the hot key is pressed.

LiveLife also provides a keystroke that expands the Live window to cover all the screens (monitors) on your computer, leaving room for the Start bar.


LiveLife is distributed as a Windows "msi" installer.

To install LiveLife, download and run the installer provided. Once the application is installed, run it from the Start menu by choosing Start > All Programs > LiveLife > LiveLife.

LiveLife runs quietly in the Task Tray.



IMPORTANT FIRST-TIME SETUP: You only need to do these steps if you run Live 8 with some Zoom Display preference other than 100%.

  1. Right-click the LiveLife icon in the task tray
  2. Choose Options... from the context menu
  3. Set the Zoom Factor slider to match the Zoom Factor you use in Live


LiveLife sits in the Task Tray and pays attention to certain keys. When those keys are pressed, LiveLife affects the Live 8 window in some way, as described below.

  • Run LiveLife by choosing its shortcut from the Start menu.
  • LiveLife will install a Task Tray icon:
  • LiveLife will stretch the Live window to span the entire virtual desktop excluding the area taken up by the Task Bar.
  • While the Live application is active and in the foreground, pressing the Keypad-"." will activate the Arrangement Position edit control. Subsequent presses of that key will advance (and loop around) the fields there.
  • While the Live application is active and in the foreground, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Keypad-"-" will expand the Live window to cover all the monitors attached to your computer.
  • To exit LiveLife, right-click the LiveLife icon in the task tray and choose Exit from the context menu.

Troubleshooting & FAQ

Q: I ran LiveLife from the Start menu. Where'd it go?
A: LiveLife lives in the Task Tray, on the right side of your Start bar.

Q: When I press Keypad-. LiveLife seems to be clicking in the top of the Live window, but not in the right place. How do I fix it?
A: Most likely this is because you have changed Live's Zoom Display preference (which is in Live's Preferences dialog in the Look and Feel section). Make sure that you set LiveLife's zoom factor to the same value by right-clicking LiveLife's Task Tray icon and choosing Options. There you'll find a Zoom Factor slider. Set that to match the setting in Live.

Version History

  • - 4/18/2009: Initial public release.

© 2009 Bryan K. Ressler, all rights reserved worldwide.
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